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Our Service Agreement

Lace Alterations provides alterations services for a fee agreed upon by the Alterations Specialist and the customer. Service fees will be applied at the discretion of the business when they apply and will be communicated to the customer. The following is the list of fees that may apply:

Pinning Fee

The fee of $50 is applied after a consultation during which the dress has been pinned, and the customer has decided not to agree to the alterations suggested. Pins are not included in the fee, this is a fee for time spent with our Alterations Specialist.

Cutting Fee

The fee for all work provided during your appointment must be paid in full once a verbal consent is given from customer to Alterations Specialist for completion of work requested. Once a gown has been cut and work has begun, all fees associated with the work done up to that point must be paid in full regardless of the situation.

Personal Cancellation Fee

If the wedding/event is cancelled or if the customer decides to forgo services provided, a minimum fee of $50 for pinning, as well as the dollar amount of all alteration’s services provided before cancellation will be required before the garment in question is returned to the customer. Lace Alterations is not required to refund money received for services already provided. The customer will only be refunded for the work that has not been completed. If all work has been completed as agreed upon by signature during payment, no refund will be provided.

We appreciate your business and will strive to meet all your expectations for your alteration services. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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